20 November 2014 — #haiku

one of those days
she drinks the nice cup of tea
dives into a book

– Today’s theme is escape. I love reading, and can often find escape in a great read. The link in the above haiku is to one of my favorites, Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman. The “nice cup of tea” features in the book, so I thought I should give a reference.

18 November 2014 — #haiku

wig piled high to God
feathers flying with every spin
clouds of fairy dust

– The prompt asked for a light fluffy haiku full of extravagance and pride. This reminded me of square dancing in “kitten drag”–a term meaning a woman dressing up as a drag queen but with the same style of dress and makeup as a drag queen. In my case this is always very kitschy and humorous and can be described by the phrase “more is more”. There will be glitter. There will be feathers. There will be too much of everything plus a little bit more.