17 February 2014 — #haiku

mother Buddha
compassion in all
father Buddha


6 thoughts on “17 February 2014 — #haiku

    • so true and so sad. Yes, that might be fun and a good challenge. I may give that a try when things calm down a little. I have temporarily stopped a couple things because I am dealing with trying to determine the source of a sudden allergy which is taking up a bunch of my time.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. Going through the same thing myself, except with migraines. I’ve had to put some things on hold, too. It’s frustrating. But that which doesn’t kill us…hopefully, helps us lose a little weight? 😉

      • Thanks Miss Snarky Pants. Doctor thinks I am right and that it’s an allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals. I have some new things to try to make it go away. I hope you feel better too

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