25 April 2014 — challenge #haiku #tanRenga #tanka.

Today Carpe Diem Haiku Kai challenges us to write a tan renga with a twist–add not only a two-line stanza, but add 2 more stanzas after that (basically like a tanka added on). Kristjaan calls this a tan renga squaredFollow the link for the full description. He is using a haiku today that I wrote, so I’ll end up writing the whole poem today. The beginning haiku is:

so many temples
all breaths become one
the steps flow

The poem follows:

so many temples
all breaths become one
the steps flow

walking together
as we find direction

so many pilgrims
so many stories
along the path

our lives flow together
as we inhale and exhale



12 thoughts on “25 April 2014 — challenge #haiku #tanRenga #tanka.

  1. It is enjoyable to tell a different story with the same beginning.
    I try to write mine before looking at others. 😉
    I think poets are pilgrims and each blank page a new journey. 🙂

      • I do the same thing with Wordles / word list prompts. I would like my verse or story to be unique.

        It is a bit trickier I think when you are given a haiku prompt. I try not to use the prompt word 🙂

        Cheers and thanks, Jules

      • Yes, I know busy… that’s one reason I started to combine prompts. I still am way behind on return visits.
        But I need to write, first. 🙂

        Be well and remember to breath!

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