18 May 2014 — #poetry #humor

Today I’m diverging a little from the haiku, as Carpe Diem Haiku Blog asked us to distill a haiku from the fabulous poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. While still relatively new to haiku, I’ve been writing poetry for years (and getting some of it published, too). I once wrote a humorous poem that is inspired by In Flanders Fields and by Frost’s Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening. I share it here for your enjoyment.

Baffled by the Muse

What poem this is, I think I know
I’m lost in my thesaurus, though
I try to find a passage out
and watch my brain fill up with snow.

My inner bard must think it queer
to find a rubaiyat right here
in Flanders fields where poppies grow
along the walls of inner ear.

I give my weary head a toss
because I feel at such a loss
from lack of sleep and lack of sense –
my muse is not the nicest boss.

Despite the lack of recompense
I get right up in present tense.
These wicked musings will not keep
(but will not make a difference, hence).

My pillows – lovely, dark, and deep
but I have candy bars to eat
and poems to write before I sleep,
and poems to write before I sleep.

— Note: This poem was first published in  Troubadour: Best of Rhyme at the year 2000 (2000): 94 and later in Poetic Strokes 2001. As a geeky side note, I was thrilled because the volume of Troubadour also had a poem written by Robert Goulet.


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