25 May 2014– #haibun #haiku

Today Carpe Diem challenges us to write a haibun, which is a mixed form where haiku and prose are put in together. It’s not something that speaks to me, but I like to experiment, and so here is my very first haibun. The prompt is pampas grass. It’s good to dabble.

Eight a.m. and the sun was already painting my pasty Minnesota skin with cruel red welts. I’d been awakened from vacation slumber by the insistent banging of the Miami PD on the door of my rental bungalow. They’d dragged me to this godforsaken beach to identify the body of my best friend, Buffy De Nails. Buffy’s real name was Frederick, but he would have smacked you into next week if you’d ever tried to call him by it. He would have loved this moment, and I wish he were here to share it with me, to tell me everything would be okay, that he wasn’t gone, that I wasn’t alone or a suspect in his death. Instead, one sequined ruby slipper peeked out of the stand of pampas grass where his body was sprawled. Buffy’s makeup was perfect, even in death. My husband knew how to make an entrance, and apparently, he knew how to exit, too.

last curtain call
nature’s feather fronds
waving goodbye


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