Just an FYI….

I just wanted to mention the new little badge on the side of my site that mentions the trail I’m walking. I’m doing some virtual hiking, and it’s really fun. If you’re curious about that, you can look at my post about it. The site I’m using is really wonderful, and it’s free, so I thought I’d put the link on my blog because I appreciate that. Besides, it updates my mileage every day, and that’s nifty. I like nifty.


6 thoughts on “Just an FYI….

  1. I added all of it the walking for fun and fit bit my name is jussers not sure if you fancy friending on it. I will have to put it on my blog later 🙂 thanks so much for showing me this x

    • You’re welcome. I just started fitbit. Have to figure out name on sites but I’d be happy to add you on either one. I know you can find me under my name (Cathy Tenzo) on Walking4fun. I actually have an up24 tracker and a fitbit since I bought the Up one as a present to myself for getting hired at my job and then they sent me the fitbit as part of an employee Wellness program, so now I’m being counted by both 🙂

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