6 June 2014 — #haiku

wiggling into jeans
she is ready to struggle–
oh, they’re loose!


12 thoughts on “6 June 2014 — #haiku

      • Thanks so much for the link Cathy. I would like to go back to a more vegetarian way of eating. For various reasons, I have been eating meat in the recent past. Perhaps this is the incentive I need. How much and how far do you walk? I’m going to bookmark this link and read it when I’m not falling asleep! Thanks again!

      • This book, which your library may have, has even more details. I met Dr. Barnard (the author) once and thanked him for his work which has helped me so much. The website also has a free Jumpstart program you can join with recipes and even a phone app. http://www.amazon.com/21-Day-Weight-Loss-Kickstart-Dramatically/dp/0446583820. As far as the walking, I’m averaging around 13,500 steps per day (some days less, some more) which is around 5 miles. Here’s a post I wrote with helpful info on that and online tools. You can also see my mileage on the little banner on the side of the haiku blog. I add to it every day. Yesterday’s walk put me at the 100 mile mark since I started keeping track. And I hear you on sleepy, I’m up past my bedtime (I start work at 5 am and have to be all the way awake when I start) http://yaypigeons.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/i-do-wander-everywhere-2/

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