12 June 2014 — #haiku #tanRenga

The goal of a tan renga is to add a two-line stanza to someone else’s haiku.

warm sun gold limestone
embraced by creeping shadow
the gargoyle takes flight                — Lou B

he pleads with the Doctor
to take him to safety                     — Cathy Tenzo


23 thoughts on “12 June 2014 — #haiku #tanRenga

      • I’m pretty sure he did – but it was only in passing and it got a “huh” from Amy Pond. At least I think so.

      • I can’t find any references to his saying it, online, but I did find that the creatures did appear when they were joining forces to imprison 11 in the Pandorica. So perhaps that’s what I”m thinking of?????

      • I think it was more a passing reference just to give a giggle to the long-time fans — like, evidently, Eleven’s “stetson” hat was a reference to a show way back in the early years.

      • Very nice! I especially like your “geektacular” page. I am a geek of longstanding. My favorite publication of all times was when I got three poems into Asimov’s (I used to write under the name Tacinelli, long story….). I have stopped submitting things to magazines, but one of these days I shall start again. I’ve been busy finding decent work, and now that this has happened I can spend more time on creative things

      • It’s the creative things that make it all worthwhile, right? Had fun with “geektacular” — it’s been a long time since I did a silly series; ought to try it again 🙂

        You were published in Asimov’s? Very cool! I’m too timid to try to publish. Had one haibun published online but that’s it. o.O

        Let everyone know if you start submitting again — I’ll be rooting for you! 😀

      • oh thanks, I will. Much appreciated. You should try submitting sometime. The worst that can happen is they say no. Here’s one of the ones from Asimov’s, the July 1994 issue (as I said, it’s been far too long since I have been submitting)

        The Rape of the Toyota

        I feel violated
        each time he inserts
        meaty fingers
        into my finely tuned engine.

        I don’t like the way
        he strokes my leather interiors,
        admires my profile
        like he owns me
        and my superior intelligence

        but I am smart enough
        to find my way out of the garage
        and my steel exterior is stronger
        than the soft pink membrane
        that covers his fragile skeleton.

        Most of all
        he should know
        I control the brakes.

      • Oh, very nice! And … um … I’ll be much kinder to my own Toyota the next time we go for a drive. o.O A poem with extra meaning with all of the automobile recalls lately.

        The ending is very powerful — but I really like the comparison between the steel exterior and the pink membrane. Especially the way it started out — a very sensual allusion.

        I’m applauding!!!! 😀

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