19 August 2014 — haiku

romantic boat ride
a bottle of champagne–
no restroom


12 thoughts on “19 August 2014 — haiku

      • Yeah, me, too. I was watching a movie that was supposed to be set on a bitterly cold island off the coast of Antarctica. Most of the time, the actors were walking around outdoors in insufficient winter clothing, hands and faces exposed. The final scene depicted the surviving hero standing still in the frigid arctic night in a thin ski jacket and pants, again with no hand, head or face protection. Reality would have her curled up in a ball, shaking violently for a few minutes before dying.

        I haven’t decided whether Hollywood is stupid or they think I am.

        Don’t get me started on movies featuring violent weather, volcanoes, and natural disasters. I’ll bet scientists get together for movie parties just to watch these things and laugh their asses off. I wanna go to those parties.

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