1 October 2014 — #haiku

water taxi
add fear of water
vicious mind squall

— When I first moved to Seattle, I was frightened to take the ferry, and I’m working on my fear of water. Now I can take the water taxi, but I sometimes feel very panicky doing so.


12 thoughts on “1 October 2014 — #haiku

    • Thanks. I keep working on it. I went out with a friend in a canoe (in a life vest) and that was really scary, but I got to see so many lovely birds and things. I want to learn how to swim, which is a fear but will really help. Classes are hard to find and expensive, but I will get there eventually.

    • It’s quite lovely but it can really rock which is scary for me (I also get motion sickness easily). I have gotten to the point where I now take the ferry for enjoyment and don’t worry the whole time. It’s a nice perk of living in Seattle. I can take a ferry ride and be on the water (there and back for almost two hours for less than $10)

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