7 December 2014 — #haiku

like a shy bride
peeking out from the darkness
first light

— I start work at 5 a.m these days which is very difficult for this night person. I have come to appreciate first light, but I still prefer dusk to dawn. Someday I will be able to change my schedule. Until then, I wait.


8 thoughts on “7 December 2014 — #haiku

    • Thanks for the compliment and the sympathy! I love my job, and my company needs people 24/7 so it’s worth it. One of these days a better schedule will come up and I will take it. Until then I stay up late on the odd day off (today is my Saturday, and it’s 11:53 pm)

    • Thanks. I do appreciate the quiet. I just prefer to be still up rather than recently awakened. I also like it when the weather is warmer and I can have the windows open. It’s wonderful when all the birds wake up and you can hear them all saying good morning to each other.

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