28 December 2014 — #haiku

loud, scary noises
water works


8 thoughts on “28 December 2014 — #haiku

    • I really liked yours, too. It means whatever you want it to mean, but I am thinking you are assuming a different sort of waterworks than I am. I have often noted that children find fireworks very scary, and there are often toddlers screaming and crying at fireworks events. This is what I had meant.

  1. Reminds me of Fourth of July this year, when the people in front of us at the Park brought a gaggle of kids from 2 to 7ish years old. Lots of tears all around. Ugh!

      • See! That’s what I was telling everyone. When they’re 2, 3, 4 …. it’s scary! And it HURTS their little ears too. They’re just not ready for it yet. So rather than make the kids miserable — and everyone else miserable too — skip it for a year or two!

        But no. No, no, no. That would be common sense. And we can’t have that! o.O

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