1 January 2015 — #haiku

moving forward
into a brand new year
full speed ahead

— I have two announcements to make today.

  • I am committing to another year of daily haiku. I’ll update my calendar soon. See you on the page!
  • I am committing to a piece of art a day, publicly posted. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, you can check out my public Facebook page by clicking the button on the sidebar (I hope you “like” me). I’m planning to get a blog up to post these soon, but it’s been a busy week. Happy 2015!



18 thoughts on “1 January 2015 — #haiku

      • Ah. Now I have the right page! Thanks for the link 🙂
        Loved the “here be dragons” on your sketch — very true. 😉

      • Yes, especially with the fear of bad drawing. I haven’t sketched much recently, and am going to post once a day no matter what, so the fear is real! I think it’s good for people to know that not all art is perfect and it’s all a learning process.

      • It’s about learning and about having fun — and if you’re not doing at least one of those, why bother?

        I remember the fears very well — got up the nerve to start showing my polymer clay critters and was terrified at first. None of it was museum quality — but that wasn’t the point. It was rewarding and fun.

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