25 February 2015 — #haiku

another day
she puts on her costume
goes to work


12 thoughts on “25 February 2015 — #haiku

    • It is definitely how I feel in an office setting. Luckily I usually telecommute so my costume is headphones and whatever I choose to wear. Most of the days I put on regular clothes, but sometimes there are pajama days, and when I am feeling moody I wear cat ears with my headset.

  1. When I worked in corporate office I used to call my outfits, monkey suits…so lucky in our office we wear how we feel…sometimes I’m a hipster, lady (not often) or just plain leisure.

    • I am lucky enough to work mostly from home but when I worked in an office I called my outfits “office drag” because they usually didn’t suit me and were just trying to fit into the corporate culture.

      • Yes, I remember that and so glad I don’t have to do that anymore…I just changed field completely …went back to school and can be bohemian if I want 🙂 I would love to work from home however, I did for a while. There is so much I could do from home and management would save money…I would charge less but still make ends meet and save 2 to 3 hours a day of travel time.

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