23 May 2014 — #haiku

names mean a lot
a gift for Ireland today
marriage for all


17 thoughts on “23 May 2014 — #haiku

    • yes, I am very happy for them! Now it’s our turn to have it across the United States and to get a lot of other rights that queer people are denied. In many states I could legally be fired or refused housing due to being gay. Rights have a long way to go across the world.

    • I know, Very happy for them! I am hoping we will have it all across the United States soon (only legal in certain places here) and that other rights will also come, here and elsewhere.

  1. It’s supposedly so much more difficult to get past religious prejudice in very Catholic Ireland … they’ve no bones about being a country with religious leanings .. yet the land of the free – where such things are supposed to have been overcome long ago … they can’t seem to really get it together. A shame there’s so much lip-service ideology in the States.

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