21 August 2015 — #haiku

Ethiopian food
spicy and tart
Blue Nile


10 thoughts on “21 August 2015 — #haiku

      • I will give it another try. I don’t like sourdough bread either. I was just talking with a friend, I plan to find an Ethiopian cookbook. Lots of yummy vegetarian dishes.

      • I learnt many when I lived in Eritrea … I then found some new ones on the Internet … including injera … I think making it at home takes some of the doughy taste out of it .. but also using white flour instead of tef helps a lot.

      • Thanks. I will have to google. I didn’t realize that injera was usually made of Teff. I like Teff as a grain but just don’t like the sour taste of injera. I think that most of the dishes would be good with rice, too. Not traditional but probably still yummy.

      • They are excellent with rice – in fact before I learnt to make injera that’s how I usually served it (and still have a bowl of rice on hand, just in case). Officially you let the dough sit for 24 hours before making the pancake like injera, but there’s no reason to let it sour that much … some people add soda water and baking soda to the mix to avoid the 24 hour wait .. the injera made that way isn’t at all sour.

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