20 March 2016 — Announcement

Regular readers of this blog will see that I often link to the Carpe Diem Haiku blog. It’s an excellent resource with a nice community of folks, but the blog now has a policy that poets who post a link to their websites are automatically giving publishing permission to the site for e-books and the like. We were asked to give our honest opinions on this, and I expressed that authors must be asked for permission to republish their work, but the blog disagrees, so I will no longer be linking to that blog or promoting it here. You can see the comments at that site if you wish, unless they have been removed. If you enjoy my haiku, I hope you keep coming to visit me here. If you post to that blog, be aware of what you may be agreeing to. The person who runs the blog does great work to promote haiku, and I really appreciate that, but I take the rights of poets and authors seriously, and I cannot support a site with a policy like this which I do not feel is right.


12 thoughts on “20 March 2016 — Announcement

      • Yes, I think you’re right about that … I’ll send you a link when I’ve reopened my blog … or opened a WordPress Haiku Blog or whatever … I’m doing so spring changes 😉

      • That would be lovely. I would like to ask people if they would mind if I would put a blog roll on the side of my blog so that people could go see other blogs. Let me know if you want that when you are done spring cleaning. I highly recommend WordPress.com. Very flexible, and free!

      • Oh I’d like that very much! I do have several WordPress blogs though I also have one for haiku and waka on Blogger … not quite as easy to manage as a WP blog, but it has writing versatility that WP doesn’t have …

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