14 September 2016 — #haiku

standing guard
under the railroad bridges
great blue herons


9 February 2014 — #haiku train journey

When we left the story, Max and Elena had just heard from Anita who is on his way back to the apartment and is apparently unaware that it appears to have been ransacked.

we wait
seated in the shambles

key in the lock
Anita rushes in

he looks down
all six feet

Max, you drama queen–
it always looks like this
when I do drag

all that pretty
makes a huge old mess
at the house

I introduce him
to Elena

he winks at me–
she is gorgeous–
I wink back

we still have a problem
we need to talk

* Noteā€“if you want to see the whole journey in one place from top-to-bottom, you can find that here